Servicing intervals

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Colin Lambert
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by Colin Lambert » Fri Aug 10, 2018 10:01 am

Mr T,
I can't remember when you got yours, but assuming it was the ed of Feb, you are doing about 14k a year and so the car has assumed a longer service interval. Short annual mileages such as I do, require 1 year or 10k or even earlier if the oil sensor detects the quality of the oil has fallen below acceptable levels
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by MrTrilby » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:13 pm

I was replying to H2UBS who was asking about flexible servicing on the 190 diesel.

We’ve had our car since the middle of May, and do 25-30k miles a year.
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by tomix » Fri Aug 10, 2018 4:00 pm

30000 km / 2 year
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by colmar51 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 5:24 pm

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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by duncanlowe » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:25 pm

Historically, dealers have switched the cars from variable servicing to fixed interval 10k miles on delivery unless you specifically tell them otherwise. Then on servicing I have had three or four times where in spite of doing variable service they have set it as fixed 10k.
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by Gruffalo » Tue Aug 14, 2018 12:04 pm

Interesting, we had a an oil change warning come up at about 4,500 miles and it goes in this week. The car is about 10 months old.

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