Servicing intervals

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Hugh Fanism
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Servicing intervals

Post by Hugh Fanism » Wed May 03, 2017 2:44 pm

I can't find anything about this online, is the servicing x miles/1 year or x miles/2 year?

I'm Scottish and tight, therefore I grudge an annual service with my low mileage :twisted:
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by romanv » Wed May 03, 2017 3:29 pm

In Slovenia it is every 15000 km/1 year.

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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by Savage » Wed May 03, 2017 3:33 pm

1 year or 20k miles whichever is soonest. You might be able to switch to variable if you ask the dealer.
But, having said that I would recommend buying a service plan and get it done regularly, modern oils may have long life, but I am old school and will want mine changed after the first year, and every 2 thereafter. IMO does not pay to skimp on servicing.
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by Gizmo68 » Wed May 03, 2017 4:48 pm

Servicing intervals are:

10K miles / 12 months on fixed intervals
up to 20K miles (usually around 17 = 18K) or 2 years... whichever comes first.

Modern oils are more than capable of long intervals between changes (Vauxhall I believe go up to 30K and trucks do 100K ... pulling 44 tonnes all day every day)
I have run every VAG engine in the last 10 years on variable intervals (some with well over 100K miles on the clock) and never had a single engine issue that wasn’t due to a failed part (EGR)

The Golf we sold went on to do over 250K miles (and serviced about every 50K miles after my step son bought it!) was still running as sweet as a nut.

I am not trying to talk anyone into variable service intervals, we are all old enough to make our own minds up, but do it with all the facts to hand.
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Colin Lambert
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by Colin Lambert » Wed May 03, 2017 6:07 pm

With over 20 years in Shell lubricants I would say that high annual mileage long, hot running is far better for any IC engine than low mileage, short, cold runs (like I do) which contaminated oil far more quickly.
So if the former you may need ok on 2 year servicing.
If the latter service it every year, as I have to.
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by KodiaqDna » Wed May 03, 2017 7:12 pm

Some will depend on which engine you have gone for. My last three cars have been diesel. The first two were Skoda Octavia's, whilst my present one is a Vauxhall has been the only one with a (no problem so far filter wise - fingers crossed) diesel particular filter. However the oil percentage warning came on at under 8,000 mile, necessitating an early oil change. This year, just managed to get to the 10,000 mile service limit. Many diesel drivers are in the same boat with the other manufacturers. A mate has a Ford Kuga and has just had an early oil change when he got his warning at 6,500 miles. You don't have that problem with a petrol engine. It is okay for the vehicle manufacturers to say service intervals are anything up to 20,000 miles but then they insist on early oil changes.
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Hugh Fanism
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by Hugh Fanism » Wed May 03, 2017 9:57 pm

Thanks for the replies guys. It's what I thought it would be.

Whilst I understand there are savings to be had there's no chance am I buying a service plan. I can't make money work for me if it's already in Skoda's pocket.
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by Brown_bear » Thu May 04, 2017 8:50 am

If you use the START/STOP function frequently you will need to perform engine oil changes at regular intervals 10 000 miles, if not you can extend that to 20 000 miles, or even 30 000 miles. IMPORTANT: first service needs to be performed at 10k miles/1year due to the process of piston rings settling in and sending tiny metal parts into your oil/filter. After that you can extend the intervals.

Transmission officialy doesn't require a service (so-called sealed for life unit), but the previous 6-speed wet clutch required a service at 40k miles, so i recomend you should change the oil/filter at about 70k miles, because those DSG units are oil-quality sensitive and expensive to replace.

If you went with the 4x4 option, than the Haldex unit needs a oil change every 3 years (no filter here), though you can extend that if you have low milage and you don't do much off-roading/driving on wet roads on hilly terrain.

The timing belt is another lifetime part, so shouldn't require replacement until 200k miles.

You have your fuel filter that needs replacing at about 70k miles, along with the engine air filter. On petrol engine you have spark plugs that last 70k miles and ignition coils that last about 100-150k miles.

Engine oils degrade if:
- exposed to high temperature
- exposed to contamination
- mechanical stress
- time

Due to modern day advances in mechanics, engines, transmissions and differentials work at higher tolerances and require very clean oil (cleaner than in older cars). Expensive synthetic oils last longer than mineral ones, but have different properties (VW wet clutch DSG problem/fix). Don't try and skip service intervals because, this can lead to expensive mechanical fixes down the road and it will void your warranty.

Where you can save on:
- spark plug replacement
- ignition coil replacement
- pollen filter
- engine air intake filter
- fuel filter
- performing oil changes yourself

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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by H2UBS » Thu Aug 09, 2018 7:32 pm

It appears my servicing schedule 'on-board' was incorrectly set-up. As I approach my bears 1st birthday next month (with 12.5k on clock) I am informed by 'it' via Skoda Connect Status that it needs an 'Inspection Service' in 35 days or 7500 miles, and an oil service in 400 days or 6300 miles.
Tried getting clarification from 'Live Chat' .. waste of time .. didn't have a clue !
Spoke to local dealer .. confirmed I was on 'Flexible' servicing with long life oil, which should go to 18k-20k without requiring change so didn't understand why an Inspection Service required after 12 months. Agreed that I would ignore it until the Oil Service prompt and have an "Inspection Service' then hopefully in around 6 months / 18k miles. More than happy to skip the interim 'Oil Change Service' and have an 'Inspection' every 18 months / 18-20k miles. Anybody doing the same ? (2.0tdi 190)
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Re: Servicing intervals

Post by MrTrilby » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:59 pm

My 190 seems to be indicating a 2 year / 20k mile service interval for both oil and inspection services.

It currently says
11,300 miles or 618 days until oil is due
12,600 miles or or 618 days until inspection is due
7,388 miles on the odometer so far.
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