Yet another Newbie.

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Yet another Newbie.

Post by GrowlingDog » Mon Feb 10, 2020 8:01 pm

Me and the Mrs have driven Fords for many years, We currently have a Kuga.

My wife has just had her PIP reassessed and they have increased it so she can get a motability car.

The new Kuga is just horrible, and I quite fancy a change so decided to take a look at what other SUVs were about that fit within the motability budget, I decided the Kodiaq was nicer than any of the others, I was in one in Prague last week that was a taxi and the driver was saying how much he loved his, and all of us in the taxi were very impressed with it, so it seemed logical to get one.

I’ve ordered an SE L 150 TSI with a few additions, reversing camera, heated screen, and full leather, in Race Blue. Now all I need to do is wait about 12 weeks.
Ordered: Kodiaq SE L 150 TSI plus extras in Race blue.

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