Trailer Manoeuvre Assist

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Trailer Manoeuvre Assist

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I have a new Kodiaq L & K with factory fitted Tow Bar, I therefore assume it automatically comes with Trailer Manoeuvre Assist? When I follow the instruction in the manual to activate Trailer Assist I get a message on the dash saying Trailer Assist Deactivated, nothing I can do will activate it, the park assist button is not lit up. Can anyone throw any light on what I am doing wrong or could it be I don't have Trailer Assist? I have a 5' X 4' small trailer attached using a standard 13 pin plug so everything is as it should be. Thank you Geoff

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Re: Trailer Manoeuvre Assist

Post by FoxtrotAlpha » Sun Feb 09, 2020 12:18 am

This old post from Zach might help:

Assuming he’s right, which he normally is, you need those added packs before you can get it activated. As they seem to be not standard items with the L&K then the question is did you order them? If not you don’t have it.... bugga....
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Re: Trailer Manoeuvre Assist

Post by Zach » Sun Feb 09, 2020 2:22 am

I would take the car to the dealer if your Trailer Assist instantly deactivates. When you pop the car in reverse, it should show a message prompting you to press the Park Assist button.

If your car shows a message at all, it sounds to me like it has Trailer Assist. Before I activated Trailer Assist on my first Kodiaq, it didn't show any message when putting the trailer in reverse.
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