Racechip XLR S O L D !

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Colin Lambert
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Racechip XLR S O L D !

Post by Colin Lambert » Fri Oct 19, 2018 10:19 am

Skoda have sorted out the Karoq so my Racechip XLR is no longer required.
Can be fitted in 10 minutes. Suitable for VAG 1.4 150BHP ACT engines. 7 levels of 'tweak' from :? 'Worse' than factory (why would you??) to lairy, neck breaking acceleration off the spot. :shock:
Does not affect consumption and does not affect your insurance (with AVIVA at least & they are super picky about any electronic tweaking)
Cost £189.
Read all about it here.
https://www.racechip.co.uk/throttle-tun ... gLRB_D_BwE

I can't find the box, but it will be securely packed and sent first class Royal Mail.

Instructions from the website.
Simple and easy to understand – installed in a few steps

Unplug the wire from the throttle at the connector.
Connect the Brainbox to the connector/adaptor.
Mount the Brainbox on a smooth surface in the footwell.
To control XLR: connect the Controller with the Brainbox, or set up the RaceChip app.
Done! Now – go drive and enjoy!

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Re: Fed up with throttle lag? Racechip XLR for sale

Post by Swindiaq » Fri Oct 19, 2018 3:29 pm

PM'd you Colin ;)
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