3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

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Jersey Boy
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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by Jersey Boy » Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:25 pm

We have three 5 and under. During the week we will be using the three ISO fixes (front seat plus two in second row) which leaves an enormous boot available and at weekends we'll be going two adults up front, two children in the middle on ISO f fixes and take the front kiddy seat (Recaro which works with/without ISO fix) and putting that in the back row secured by seat belt. That leaves a reasonable size boot (more if one of the rear seats is put flat. I have tested seat in back row of demonstrator (with test pilot installed) and all good. Even better now that the thread discussing potential grumble with rear headrests now includes a photo showing how to remove the headrests and replace turned 180 degrees which means the seat can sit fully flat against back of seat.

Congratulations on the news by the way!
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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by stuartclarkson » Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:12 pm

My kids are 7 and 5 and when we take grandma somewhere with us we tend to put the 7 year old in third row in booster seat (with headrest removed and booster fastened in by seatbelt), then the 5 year old in boosted fastened with ISO Fix -- but cruicially grandma (or other adult) being in second row means that their seat easily pulls forward to allow child to get into back row....

You'll find that if you isofix seats into both sides of the middle row, it will be very difficult to get your eldest child into the back row unless you take an isofix seat out (it'll be easier to lift them in through the boot!).

I'm already finding it a little frustrating that the middle seat in second row isn't a full sized seat - you can't really get an adult in the middle between two car seats (though we did fit my 12 year old nephew in the middle seat this weekend OK between two high back boosters.
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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by pmburton » Thu Aug 24, 2017 8:03 am

Hey congratulations on the twins! It'll be a blast (I've been there, we've got 11 year old twins).

I think probably the Kodiaq isn't the right car for your family right now - having all the kids together behind you & your wife is going to make life a lot easier. We're currently driving a Seat Alhambra (Kodiaq on order, should be here in October), and before that an S-Max.

For shear size and versatility, the Alhambra is outstanding, and it would be probably the best car for your family. The sliding doors are great - especially for older children who let themselves out of the back, or when you need doors fully open to extract babies & associated seats and paraphernalia. The back two seats are very easy to get into and out of thanks to the folding mechanism of the 2nd row, the sliding doors, and the amount of available room. Boot is cavernous - great for everyday life and holidays. Definitely feels a better quality of ride and luxury than the S-Max. Having said that, it's nothing to look at, and relatively unexciting to drive. The S-Max is slightly smaller, but it's a much more nimble and engaging car to drive, and looks a lot better than the Alhambra - if those concern you more than practicality, then that's the car for you out of the two.

Having said all that - if you're interested in an Alhambra, I'll have a 3 year old one to sell in a month or so time!
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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by mcsparshatt » Thu Aug 24, 2017 9:31 am

Wow thanks for all the advice folks, is even more of a shame that it looks like I won't be going down the Kodiaq route as won't have this forum to come to!

It's really helped with my decision though, and confirmed that I probably shouldn't try and 'fudge' it with the Kodiaq, however much I do want it. The wife will be using the car much more in those early months and getting three young kids on the car will be enough of a chore. And she also doesn't want our daughter that far away in the third row.

Citroën is probably now ruled out, as apart from the reasons already mentioned have also heard the heating / fans etc are all controlled by the touchscreen which can be a bit of a nightmare - wife and I really not keen on that. S max probably the choice at the moment, but will have a look at the Seat as well.

Again, thanks folks!

Hugh Fanism
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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by Hugh Fanism » Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:09 am

2 series gran tourer could be worth a look.
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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by Ninini » Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:27 am

Hugh Fanism wrote:
Fri Aug 25, 2017 9:09 am
2 series gran tourer could be worth a look.
Second row middle seat on the 2-series Gran Tourer is a bit cramped though. I saw a picture with three seats there, but realized the middle one was just a booster:


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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by dalglir » Fri Aug 25, 2017 12:34 pm

Notably, the C4GP's three middle row seat ALL have isofix fittings if I recall correctly. Modern childseats being as big as they are though, I'd be interested to see if you could actually get 3x full height seats in side by side. Probably more practical to squeeze in a basic booster seat between 2 full height seats. We most definitely had two full height childseats in the middle row with an adult sitting in the middle, on multiple occasions. The C4GP is extraordinarily practical and provides huge amount of bang for buck but... it is a bit of a minibus and drives like one too.

In the Kodiaq, the feel is definitely a more saloon-like 2.5 seat set up and I don't think the middle seat has isofix fittings. In comparison to the Kodiaq, the C4GP Exclusive+ comes with more toys as standard than the Edition and is cheaper overall. It's a great, flexible car on a budget but the Kodiaq, while being more expensive and marginally less filled with toys, wins hands down for quality, performance and being sheer fun to drive: its very much an _SUV_ that can also do most of the things that a C4GP can do, just as well.
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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by armeikle » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:14 am

Hi. I have bought a Kodiaq SE 4x4 7 seater. Didn't do very thorough research re child seats so this forum has been very helpful at clarifying matters. It would have been good if the dealership had been a bit clearer about options! I read in the most upto date user manual that group 2/3 car seats can be used in the 3rd row however this is contradicted in the EuroNCAP testing! So I am confused.

Also, I read that the the 3rd row head rests can be removed and I wondered if this makes life easier for car seat fitting in the rear row? I hope in the future that Skoda consider Varioflex seating as this would make the Kodiaq an absolute no brainer for bigger families with kids aged under 12....

Any further advice appreciated.

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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by Kodaskodiaq » Fri Dec 29, 2017 8:44 am

I have 3 kids and a Dog and Mother in Law to ferry about.
We all fit fine in the K.
Eldest child(7) has a Bubble Bum car seat (amazing and so much more comfortable) middle child(4) has a standard Graco thing and youngest is still in isofix rear facer.
No issues with any fitting or space.
When the MIL needs to come too the eldest goes in the boot with the mut.
Good family car so far and works just as well as our Discovery.
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Re: 3 child car seats in the 7 seater - does it work?

Post by armeikle » Fri Dec 29, 2017 10:25 am

Thanks for that info. Is the bubblebum a booster cushion that would suit a 6 year old in the middle of row 2?

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