Buying my first Kodiak Edition ?

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Re: Buying my first Kodiak Edition ?

Post by old man » Thu Jun 03, 2021 4:45 pm

SinglePointSafety wrote:
Thu Jun 03, 2021 2:35 pm
When you consider all of the costs of having a car, the differences in fuel consumption are kind of 'lost in the noise' unless you do lots of miles and drive with a diver's boot on your accelerator foot
Absolutely agree with that and it doesn't only apply to fuel consumption either. :D

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Re: Buying my first Kodiak Edition ?

Post by LordJellybelly » Wed Jun 30, 2021 12:55 pm

My 2.00 Edition was collected exactly three years ago and to date has done less than 5K very comfortable miles. Town driving [my usual] gives me 5 miles /litre on "normal". Check whether the extras.....not many to be added to an Edition........are useful to YOU. I intend to keep the car until I give up so perhaps have a different viewpoint than the high milers here

PS rear camera essential
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Re: Buying my first Kodiak Edition ?

Post by carlosfandang » Mon Jul 19, 2021 8:56 pm

So, I replied to a similar question recently (but can't remember where ...age!). So had a 2.0L top of range Volvo XC60 diesel. Was doing 10-15K mileage a year - still had 2 x DPF issues and 2 x fuel injector problems (at some cost!!).

So, I've looked at our mileage and petrol - London south circular (even if we travelled to parents every weekend = 7K pa.). I thought, OK 1.5 petrol is a no brainer
- but is it totally under powered ... do I need the 2.0 L (I have had big BMW's etc). So, test drove the 1.5 TSI ... I haven't done 2.0L (so don't know how that performs) but totally surprised ... it's good trust me, really surprised. I HAVE BOUGHT IT by the way - based on one test drive.

My opinion is, 2.0L comes with 4 x 4 (immediately adds 18 stone adult equivalent to push around!). Maybe more issues with 4wd than 2wd. But admit have not driven and don't have a educated opinion on this.

But hey, it's all subjective ... I just had 2 x adults over 6 foot 2 in front, 2 x adults over 6 foot 4 in middle (yes we are somewhat large!) ... and 2 x 5 and 8 year old in 3rd row. Car had no issues whatsoever ... I am very pleased with my choice. Also, keep thinking the car is OFF ... it's so quiet compared to my old diesel.

The fact is you must choose based on your requirement - this is a great car in any guise .... lots of options in engines / spec - choose what works. I started out looking at 2.0L diesel - read / worked out reality and ended up with 1.5 TSI petrol ... not something I guessed. Good luck
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Re: Buying my first Kodiak Edition ?

Post by Kenny R » Tue Jul 20, 2021 8:17 am

Since championing the 2.0 tsi earlier in this post, I decided that it was time to change to the new facelift Kodiaq.
I initially looked at getting the 2.0 tsi SEL again, but checking through the brochure so much that was standard when I got my first SEL has now been changed or now a cost option.
This led me to the Sportline as it seems to have a lot more standard equipment for not a lot more money. However when pricing up a 2.0 tsi Sportline and adding options it easily broke through the £40k threshold and meaning £500 per annum road tax.
Having recently had problems with the Haldex on my current Kodiaq, the thought of paying £500 for road tax, the extra maintenance costs for 4x4, not to mention the 166kg weight difference between 1.5 fwd to 2.0 4x4, I came to the conclusion that the 150 hp 1.5 tsi was going to be sufficient for my needs.
Thanks Carlos for confirming that the 1.5 is going to be ok, As each day I’m waiting on my new Kodiaq I keep having nagging doubts that I should have gone 2.0.
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