Can you help me choose a new car

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Re: Can you help me choose a new car

Post by Colin Lambert » Sat Nov 14, 2020 11:13 am

I had an Edition Karoq and was expecting 3 keys, but it only had two. I was told that the 3rd key was optional and operated the “Personalisation of drive mode selection”. As Blakey said.
I would go for the SE L for the same reasons as above.

We must all stop getting our undergarments in a twist regarding the 'Kangarooing' of the 1.5 TSi engine.
1. It inly occurred on cars built in the first 6 months (approx) of 2018! After which, the problem was solved.
2. It rarely 'infected ' the DSG version. If it did, it was minimal.

I had an early 1.6 SEL Karoq DSG and it did 'kangaroo' slightly and not very often.
I have now had a 2019 1.5 DSG Edition Karoq. Faultless.
and a 2020 Sportline 1.5 DSG also faultless.

My recommendation.....go for the 2020 SE L.
Good luck.
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