Another fine mess

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Another fine mess

Post by Mike3538 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 6:58 pm

Hello one and all, first time poster and in need of someone to tell me everything will be ok!

I purchased through Skoda Finance a 0% HP deal for a 69 plate 2.0l diesel manual SE 7 seater last Wednesday 22nd. It had only got 14 miles on the clock and I got a decent chunk off. Good deal I thought!

I told the salesman that my main aim was to get a seven seater but the discussion did briefly turn to the potential to tow. As the vehicle I would buy was quite a distance to go I visited a local showroom to have one last look, all be it the much higher end Sportline version. Again I asked the question to be told that the Kodiaq range would have no issues towing a caravan.

I am loving the car but got a call from the old man yesterday to say had I checked whether the car was suitable to tow? I had checked Google for the weights of said vehicles and made the assumption (fatally) that a 2.0l 4x4 150 BHP vehicle would be sufficient for the job I wanted it to perform. Alas, reading back through previous forum posts from 2017/18, my fears have been confirmed and my brand new car is not fit for my purpose and cannot be homologated to tow!

Cue one distraught Mrs and me now scrambling to see what I can do about it? I've touched base with the dealership who will discuss the options - whatever that means - and get back to me tomorrow. The salesman I dealt with answered the phone today and didn't believe what I was saying. He had no idea that the model I had bought couldn't tow. I checked the online brochure and there is a small asterix'd line at the bottom of the SE blurb to say to check with your local retailer re: towing capability. Hardly a resounding no!

I've put 5k down and have another 18k or so on finance. The ink on the agreement is still under a week old. I want a Kodiaq and am open to either going auto - which I like to rebel against because I'm awkward like that- or upgrade to the 190bhp manual if at all possible and take the financial hit.

Needless to say I'm gutted as I thought I'd done my homework and chosen a recommended SUV for towing. I'm awaiting a response from Skoda Finance and hope they and the dealer will have some pity on a novice car buyer. I've made a mistake that I have to rectify but wondered if anyone else had been in the same situation and how their situation played out, or any other advice other than 'read the small print next time.' Cheers, Mike, Staffs
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Re: Another fine mess

Post by Kenny R » Mon Jul 27, 2020 7:22 pm

You shouldn’t have to wait on a response from Skoda Finance or the dealer. If the dealer told you the car can tow when it clearly isn’t homologated for towing, they should be offering a full refund or to find you a suitable replacement.
The 2.0 tdi 150 DSG can tow.
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Re: Another fine mess

Post by Plodd » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:45 pm

190bhp is 4X4 and dsg only. No manual option.
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Re: Another fine mess

Post by scratch113 » Mon Jul 27, 2020 9:17 pm

If you're offered the chance to change the car you've bought, then I'd go for the DSG (whatever power of the 2.0 diesel, sounds like they can both tow) - I'd be amazed if you're not delighted with it as they really are excellent gearboxes. Given that the dealer knew you wanted it to tow a caravan and the car they've sold you clearly isn't fit for purpose, they ought to take that car back and sort out an alternative. Might cost you a little more though for what ultimately would be a more expensive (list price) model.

You could ask your dealer if he has a DSG model in stock you could test drive, and possibly even something in stock for you to drive for a week or so whilst they sort out supplying an alternative that is homologated for towing?

Good luck, hope you get it sorted soon - the Kodiaq is worth having, it's an excellent car!
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Re: Another fine mess

Post by blakey7 » Tue Jul 28, 2020 2:46 pm

I tow a caravan weighing around 1500kg loaded with a 2.0tdi 190ps DSG, and its amazing tow car, you almost forget you have the caravan behind you. Best tow car i have ever had and the DSG works great. Set cruise control at 60mph and relax.

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Re: Another fine mess

Post by Huntspill101 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 8:43 pm

I agree with blakey7. I was dubious about going for an auto for towing but I wouldn’t want to go back to a manual now. I tow an 18ft caravan with my 190 Edition DSG and it tows perfectly. Cruise control is brilliant on the motorway with the van on the back.
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