six days in

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six days in

Post by davidb » Sun Sep 24, 2017 11:17 am

Picked up the K on Monday and have been playing around, must admit l love the quietness and comfort of the drive, and just enjoying the new car feeling.
This is my first adventure into a gadget vehicle, my other vehicle is a Nissan Navara, l do find the small wing mirrors on the small side, however l do love the fact that l am not getting so much wind noise from the mirrors in the Navara, so can live with this. The lights are excellent however l was out last night and struggled with the high beam being the other way round from other vehicles l have had, so much so l found myself braking every time l was switching the headlights, the roads are not very forgiving around here. I need to get comfortable before it becomes a habit!

I have ordered a data only sim card, l read all the discussions on the forum. Went for a slightly more expensive deal with virgin that will go down to g2 If needed, l know this is slow, but in this part of the country g4 is non-existent and g3 connectivity is mainly around is main A roads, but is patchy.

One grip l do have is the manual (book and online) are not well written and not easy to follow you would think Skoda would move forward on these and do something more interactive and with how to videos.

I have installed the hatchbag bootliner with rear seat flap, bumper flap, and tailgate cover. Haven't tried the dog in the car yet but l'm a drummer and had a gig last night so needed to get the seats down, This was relatively easy it just meant undoing the six Velcro loops around the headrests and lowering the seats. The installing of the liner took about two hours with a tea break in the middle :)

This morning l was playing with the media system and realised that the cd/dvd player will take DVD audios, not sure if l will use this but it makes me feel good that my dvd audio collection can be played somewhere else other than my surround sound system.

I switched on the eco reminders and my wife's comment was the car nags you :D
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