Tyre Pressure Monitoring

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Re: Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Post by rsk289 » Sat Mar 21, 2020 10:53 pm

Having just got my Kodiaq after a long string of sporting BMWs, I was very surprised to get a 'tyre pressure' warning message, telling me the right front was low. I stopped at the next filling station and set all four, then went into the TPMs which simply asked me if the pressures were now correct and was happy when I ticked 'yes'. No setting up required.
To reset the BMW system, which is controlled from the ABS (rotation) sensors, you have to drive around for a while, trying to stick to the straightest roads you can. The system thinks for a while then resets itself whilst you are doing this. The Skoda clearly believes the driver whilst the BMWs have to decide for themselves.
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