Autoglym Lifeshine - 7 months on

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Autoglym Lifeshine - 7 months on

Post by scratch113 » Sat Aug 10, 2019 11:54 am

I've always been rather sceptical of paint protection products offered by dealers, especially as they're so expensive (normally circa £400).

I agreed to having Autoglym Lifeshine applied to my car when I was collecting it as the discount was so good (effectively free to close the deal), and it saved me the bother of applying something else myself.

That said, I'm actually quite pleased with how it's holding up some 7 months since I collected my car. Below are some pictures of my car after a recent rain shower and even though it's now 2 weeks since I last washed it, water beads and runs off really nicely and it's really easy to wash. I'm glad I also applied a sealant to the alloys (not included in the Lifeshine) as they're also a joy to wash and seem to stay relatively clean for quite a long time.

I may just have changed my opinion on the Lifeshine as a product, but I'm still not convinced I'd pay £400 for the privilege!




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Re: Autoglym Lifeshine - 7 months on

Post by old man » Sat Aug 10, 2019 12:39 pm

Autoglym make some decent products, but like you I'd never pay £400 to have it applied.
I've thought about it in the past, but a few years ago I did some research into one manufacturers products ( I think it was Williams but couldn't swear to it) with a view to self application. I discovered that to purchase what they used would've cost £36, which is why I've never considered having a garage apply it since.

I didn't buy the product at the time because whilst available, it wasn't readily available to the general public.

Mind you, if anyone doesn't like polishing their car and they've got a spare £400 and it lasts for 3 years, then why not. I personally view it as poor value for money.

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