WLAN connectivity issues

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WLAN connectivity issues

Post by danmarb » Sat May 04, 2019 10:19 am

Hi forum,

Have received my brand new vehicle and loving the experience, except the Columbus systems connectivity. If i switch to Android auto all is fine. I am more than a little tech savvy so hoping someone knows of a problem thats easily resolved! Initially i set up WLAN and synced to phone via hotspot (google pixel 2 XL) and got Skoda connect working just fine (ish). A little slow to get going but once there, enjoyable enough. I have the virtual dash and would like to continue using MAPS in here where android MAPS cannot live. Anyhow, since first few drives Columbus is now telling me a i have "no internet connection" as well as displaying the red world on screen indicating this. In WLAN settings my phone is connected via its hotspot and its saying this is fine in the car. I have the below set up which should work...

My phone wifi is off
phone has plenty of data
Bluetooth SRAP is not supported by my phone so cannot use that
phone is connected fine for other services via bluetooth - calls, music etc (although annoying cannot see Spotify playlist navigation on screen)
I have USB tethering switched off
Bluetooth tethering switched on (although this shouldn't matter as its using hotspot)
Not using the car as a wifi hotspot as this takes over phones ability to use spotify or stream other music

Im going to go back to the dealer and query but these services should not be a tough call when Android auto works within one second. Hope someone has time to help.

Kodiaq Edition 1.5, black triglavs, pan roof, running boards, digital dash, ACC, rear camera

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