DSG auto gearboxes

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Re: DSG auto gearboxes

Post by Hugh Fanism » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:03 pm

Colin Lambert wrote:
Sat Jun 03, 2017 11:34 am
I apologise in advance. I am in 'dogmatic mode' this morning. I was even accused by my housemaster at school for being too dogmatic! ;) :lol:

I think Skoda are insane having 'Launch control' on an SUV.
It's fine on a high powered sports car driven by lunatics like Clarkson, on a track , But really! On an SUV on road? Pointless!.
A friend of mine has a 4 something series Beemer twin turbo 'oiler' that does 0-62 in just over 4 seconds. WHY?. . Ok I know that therefore the overtakability is excellent but using 0-62 times like that on road, is a quick way to become a pedestrian!! :lol:
I am not calling anyone j]here who tries it daft, I might even try it ONCE when the engine/transmission frees up a bit, just for the experience, but it can't do the 'coggage' any good.
Going back to DSGs.
I much prefer the 7 speed I had on all my other Skodas. The 6-er I find hangs onto 1st too long during slowish acceleration which can't do the consumption any good and I find each gear, is of necessity a bit too 'long legged' in comparison with the 7 speed.
I can't understand why they used the 6 speed in the 1.4.
Anybody else have any comments having owned both?
Is this maybe just the ratios set up on the Kodiaq rather than specifically the 6 speed? Given that 7th is supposedly only used for cruising then I'd expect the gear ratios to be the same on both boxes. Just being pragmatic there.
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Re: DSG auto gearboxes

Post by Colin Lambert » Mon Jun 05, 2017 9:26 am

You could be right.
I have noticed that the Yeti's 7 speed spent far less time in each gear, than does the K that hangs on to each gear longer to achieve the same progress.
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