DAB / FM Auto Switching not working

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Daddy Pig
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DAB / FM Auto Switching not working

Post by Daddy Pig » Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:40 am

Hi All

Every day I travel through the A3 Hindhead tunnel, after 100 meters DAB radio loses it signal, TBH I never thought much about it until recently I had to use a courtesy car provided from Garland Skoda, they gave me an Octavia to use while the Bear was having a tow bar fitted.

The Octavia did not suffer from losing signal when going through the tunnel so I went delving into the radio settings on the Octavia. I found there is a setting for DAB - FM Automatic switching which was ticked. When I got the bear back the same setting was also ticked but it does not cut over to FM after losing the DAB signal - any ideas?

I've tried unticking / re ticking - no joy.
Using just FM works all the way through the tunnel.

The annoying aspect is I get DAB everywhere else so I can't test properly unless I'm on my way to / from work.


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Re: DAB / FM Auto Switching not working

Post by 9k2/s53co » Tue Mar 06, 2018 9:44 am

Hi Daddy Pig,

I notice the same; switching from DAB to FM *sometimes* work, but then switching from FM back to DAB isn't working...it simply remains silent and only pressing radio station icon will bring DAB on again :(
I mentioned this to my dealer and he told me Skoda is aware of... Will be visiting dealer soon, maybe I can get more info from techie person there.

Regards, Tomi
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