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It won't help any of us but at least now i/we can understand the reasons.
I thought the shortage of supply from outside suppliers for very popular parts may be the reason. I well remember the sun roof shortage. Held up production for months.
Here you go.
Read and weep! :cry:

Build weeks can be affected by a number of different things, some examples would be:

- Engine choice
- Model
- Exterior Colour (rarely this)
- Interior Colour
- Options
- Dealers Quota

Engine choice, Colour and options - This is purely down to supply and demand, i.e. if the 1.4 TSI has become increasingly popular and they cannot keep up with demand, then the build week could be pushed back. Also certain options might come from an outside supplier, i.e. light upholstery or sunroof. Many years ago we had huge lead times on the sunroof.

Model - The factory can only build X amount of cars a day/week/year. If those build slots are filled, then you may get extended build weeks.

Dealer Quota - This will play a big part in future Kodiaq lead times. Each dealer has an allocation of Kodiaq quota, which is spread over the year. So our quota is only 20. Lets say we had quota for 2 in April, 2 in May, and 2 in June. If we sell 4 Kodiaqs tomorrow, then the next one we sell wont be built until June! This is where these online dealers get caught out. They agree a deal with a broker, sell their annual quota in the first few months and then have horrific build weeks for future orders.

I did say not to get too attached to your build week. They are rarely set in stone on a new model. They tend to jump about a bit until the factory finds its feet. Its will be more straight forward once they are up and running. As I said previously I doubt they will let people collect much before the launch date. So I will be surprised if the gent below gets his car early March.

That different status' are as follows:

- Not yet accepted - The factory hasn't accepted the order

- Without Production Week - The factory have acknowledged, but are yet to assign a build week.

- With Production Week (different as desired)- The factory have assigned a build week, but its not what it probably should be and will likely change.

- With Production Week (as desired) - You have a build week, and its in line with what it should be. It could still change forward or backwards, but unlikely to be by very much.

- With Production Order - Your car is going to be built within the next 1-2 weeks. Once at this status I don't think ive ever known a build week to change.

- Built!

There is a whole load of other status' after its built, which I will save for another day! Yours was "with production week - different as desired). It is now Without Production Week. I would imagine it will get another build week within the next 7-10 days.


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I'm afraid not, that he has told me.
Don't forget the Kvasiny Plant is Kodiaq-ing for ALL European Markets, not only us. U.K. only started 18/1/17.
You can rest assured any info I get will be posted here asap.
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