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I touched on this in another post, but was way off topic, so I thought best start a new thread ...

We can find Genuine Skoda Kodiak wheels, and all information shows the 18 and 19 inch wheels to be 7J wide.
Standard tyre fitment of 19" is listed as 235/50/19.
In all the online tyre size suitability calculators I could find, 225 is listed as max for that width rim.

This leads me to ask (not knowing that much about it) is Skoda compromising safety in any way ?

Secondly, given the information available, I would personally opt for a 225/55/19 for several reasons:
1. Within tolerances for that size rim
2. Slightly larger overall diameter (12mm, well within 2.5 % tolerance generally mentioned as max difference guidline) so giving slightly improved cruising speed economy, slightly improved ride quality (more sidewall), slightly improved wet and snow grip due to narrower tyre.
These IMO would outweigh the slightly less dry grip due to a little less rubber on the road.
And a large one ... cost
Pirelli Scorpion Verde in 235/50/19 = £181.56 on black circles dot com.
Pirelli Scorpion Verde in 225/55/19 = £121.62 on black circles dot com.

Now, you can't actually get the Continental tyres in the 225/55/19 size, I wonder if that had any sway over Skoda's sizing decision, judging from past Skoda's, it often appears that Continental do Skoda good deals .... cynical, me ??? :lol:
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