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Hi All,

I have an Edition due to arrive at the end of May. When I ordered it there was no choice of wheels so it will have 19" Triglav's. However, I much prefer the 19" Sirius. According to Skoda its too late to change the order (very frustrating but that's another story).

Therefore, does anyone have a Kodiaq arriving around the same time with 19" Sirius, and want to swap for 19" Triglav's?

I live in Suffolk so was thinking we could meet at a garage halfway and have them swap all eight wheels over and split the cost?

I am really only interested in 'like-new' wheels and tyres as my Triglav's will be like-new.

Let me know if you are interested.


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AndyH said:
Andy, this is Tristram Skoda which is a branch of Tristram European (VW) so I think they're real ones or if not the high quality replica ones.

It actually looks super good! Regarding ride I might take it out for a drive when I order my car next Saturday just out of curiosity.
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