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The ŠKODAVisionS: the overall package
With a length of 4.70 metres, a 2.79-metre wheelbase, a width of 1.91 metres and a height of 1.68 metres, the ŠKODA VisionS is a real presence on the road. Based on Volkswagen Group's modular transverse matrix (MQB), this is the first ŠKODA with six seats spread over three rows.

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The interior is 'democratic': every person in the car enjoys first-class comfort - the driver as well as the five passengers. There is plenty of head, leg and elbow room for two adults in each of the first two rows of seats. The third row is designed for a further two people.

Depending on the position of the seats, the boot has a capacity of up to 460 l, and is effortless to load thanks to its flat floor, low loading sill and high-lifting tailgate. 'Simply Clever' features such as bag hooks make using the ŠKODA VisionS easy and enjoyable.

The exterior design: emotive yet robust
Two years ago, also at the Geneva Motor Show, ŠKODA presented the VisionC design study and thereby its new design style that underlines the brand's emotive strength: the Fabia and Superb were the first production cars in this style. ŠKODA is now applying its modern design to the SUV segment. "The VisionS is designed in an expressive, attractive and dynamic way; the design has a balance - typical for ŠKODA - of rationality and aesthetics," said ŠKODA Head of Design Jozef Kabaň. "The lines of the ŠKODA VisionS have evidently been inspired by the tradition of Bohemian crystal glass art and a touch of cubism: all sections are precise, sharp and clean-cut. On the strikingly contoured surfaces, the distinctive play of light and shade creates strong effects that are emphasised even further by the colour Iceland Green."

Just by looking at the front of the ŠKODA VisionS, the brand's design identity is clearly visible. Double horizontal lines symbolise protection and strength. The bonnet is extensively sculptured; the edges, that provide the structure, lead to the large, prominently positioned brand logo.

The wide, trapezoid ŠKODA grille with upright struts shape the face together with the four flat, raked, highly-set headlights - their LED technology will shortly go into series production. There are four lighting units in each of the upper headlights for high and low beam; their reflectors give the impression that they were the eyelashes of a human eye. The signature daytime running lights complete the main headlights; the lower units provide the fog lights. The headlights as well as the brand logo and the vertical struts in the grille are characterised by crystalline design features - also a ŠKODA design tribute to Czech glassmakers.

The side view also illustrates the show car's robust SUV character. The sharply drawn and greatly recessed tornado line starts at the upper lighting units and stretches across the powerful bodywork. The wheel arches, framed by wide angular trims; the elegant upper shoulder contour forms a deep waisting across the door sills. The sloping roofline and the tapered rear end make the show car appear as if it were accelerating even when stationary. The long wheelbase alludes to a large interior.

The rear of the ŠKODA VisionS is sculpturally shaped. The number plate recess tapers rearwards; a powerful diffuser inset, which surrounds the large, elliptical exhaust pipes, provides the SUV show car with a strong visual stance on the road. The rear window, underneath a long spoiler, is kept narrow and sporty, without compromising the view through the back.

The ŠKODA brand logo and the raked LED rear lights sit below the rear window. Their lenses,made from dynamic and multifaceted cut crystal glass, integrate small spoiler lips, which improve the outline and aerodynamic flow. The headlights feature LED units. The ŠKODA-typical C-shape starts with the rear lights and continues to the flat reflectors positioned within the rear bumper.


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