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Reviews in by Whatcar and Autoexpress in the last couple of weeks - not majorly favourable.

Some contradictory viewpoints in there - Autoexpress think the 20 inch alloys make the car noisy but Whatcar don't. Autoexpress don't seem to like the DSG gearbox, but that's not Sportline specific and I haven't seen many negative views on the auto elsewhere.

Any views in from someone who's actually got the car yet?

I sometimes wonder if Auto Express actually drive the cars they review or if they just collate data and make the rest up. A recent review of the Karoq kept going on about the great feature of having umbrellas in the doors...........The karoq doesn't have umbrellas in the doors it has an umbrella under the drivers seat.
I took out a subscription to Auto Express many years ago, but cancelled it after the 3 months trial period as it was bad then and I think it's went further downhill since then.
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