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My order confirmed but Skoda is mucking us about.
7 seats in high spec reduces towing capacity by 500k
2.0 D 150 4x4 is the best compromise for towing as confirmed by Skoda.
However!!! you can not have the "swing out" towing bracket with this spec???
It is hard to believe that they do not understand what the customer wants.
The next statement will be "We had a prospective customer brain storm and this was what they wanted".
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Don't forget Skoda is owned by VAG and therefore, following typical German logic "You vil av vot ve vant you to av!".
I don't want 7 seats and will NEVER use them So why should I have yo pay £1000 for something I don't want?
Why have they not bothered to create some more exiting paint colours . See my previous comment!
I have not heard from my dealer and can therefore only assume that the bluddy order system is STILL not up and running. I bet the dealers are tearing their hair out!
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