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I suppose it can happen to anyone? She is really happy with our new acquisition, but the one blot on the copybook is it's pathetic half hearted horn! Is there a way to enhance it? Give it a lot more growl, to put fear into other road users? Answers please in confidence. Thx.

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Love your heading! I wonder how many tongue in cheek jokes you get about Viagra! :lol:

Very strange! Italian Ks must have weedy horns, The U.K. horn is a giant bellow! just like all U.Uk Skodas.
Does yours sound similar to the weedy ones on Japanese cars.
Try this
and scroll down to 'Horn honk' 44th one down.
Sounds just like Kodiaq.
You could send the link to your dealer and ask him why Italian horns are so pathetic! I always thought Italians needed VERY LOUD horns! ;)
I would have said it was a bit too loud if anything.
If you have a puny version you could always get some 'proper' wind tones (not air horns) from E.Bay or similar .
Or if you want put Air horns on it!
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