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Call me old fashioned but I have always carried a full size combatible spare.
I have many occasions where I need to be out late or all night. I travel in very remote places and on poor roads. I have had 3 punctures in the last 12 months due to poor roads. pot holes and sharp gravel tracks. A space saver is not a safe solution.
My Superb's, Scout and Octavia's all had the capacity under the floor to house a full size spare. My Yeti with a false floor has.
In each case the vehicle has been the highest spec.
Now I am forced to have a low spec 5 seat with a spare (full size or space saver) or a high spec 7 seat without the possibility of a spare.
I am aware following earlier posts that there is the space in 5 seat configuration but the 7 seat package intrudes!
It is after all only a computer programme which will give me what I require or a marketing department with it head in the sand who will not.

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See other threads about Skoda's dictatorial thinking. I will NEVER need 7 seats but I do need some of the things the SE L has. Why the hell should I have to pay for something I will never use?
I am rapidly going off the whole idea. They have kept us waiting so long wilh all their teasing ads and no bluddy action. I have had 4 Skodas, and love the brand but this cock up of a launch is making me think again.
Also, the reliability of Skodas is coming into question. See the Yeti Owners club forum for some of the horrendous incidents happening out of warranty but at unacceptably low mileages. I also have a friend with a Fabia 30k miles. Track rod ends completely shot. Took it to dealer under warranty (very pale cream interior ) and the grease monkey left filthy marks on both front seats and grease on the steering wheel. So not only is the quality of the cars coming into question but also of some of the dealer network.
If you are new to Skoda. I strongly recommend that you look at the Yeti Owners Club Forum before you spend £30K!
(Becoming Seriously Disillusioned Skoda Owner)
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