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Just a word to the wise.........

My new car's due next month so I've started looked at insurance premiums.

I saw insurance services promoted on the Skoda UK website and thought naively that they might offer competitive pricing for their own products.

Not so!

Skoda insurance doesn't offer online quotes- you have to call - a bit low tech in today's market.

Firstly they answered 'Volkswagen Insurance' and seemed taken aback that I wanted a Skoda quote. Then they couldn't find my model on their database (180TSI Edition)

Then an inordinately long Q & A session to finally reach the verdict........

Let's take a look at my 'risk profile' first

- 65 year old, retired, no part time work
- No convictions or points in 48 years motoring
- No criminal record
- No previous claims
- Maximum NCB on every other car & motorbike I own
- parked in a low risk area on my drive, behind electric gates and covered by a comprehensive CCTV system
- The Kodiaq is only group 22
- My dealer is fitting their Skoda approved Nextbase HD dash cam prior to collection
- My two additional drivers (wife 65 & daughter 31) have a similarly clean record and were classified as 'very occasional' users by the VW call centre.
- 9,000 miles p.a.
- 5 years no claims bonus from a more expensive Land Rover I just sold (that cost only £320 p.a to insure fully comp)

How much?

Yours for only £1405 sir!

WHAT?? Did I just hear you say One Thousand Four Hundred Pounds - English pounds not Egyptian?

My new £65K Motorhome costs just £300 per annum fully comp with protected NCB. My KTM just £98!

My advice is don't waste your time with Skoda Insurance.

I ran comparative quotes today using the insurance site run by small African mammals - they started in the £300's

Get real Volkswagen Financial Services - Meercats have you beaten

I took advantage of the 7 days free insurance from Skoda when I bought my Yeti. As my insurance was due I phoned and got a competitive quote from Skoda insurance no problem, and ended up with them for 2 years, the the next renewal they quoted some ridiculous amount so I changed.
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