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The ŠKODA Kodiaq, which will celebrate its world premiere in September, makes a strong statement with an impressive combination of powerful design and generous space. The exterior is clear-cut, the lines are distinctly three-dimensional - giving the new ŠKODA SUV an unmistakable presence on the road. The interior is also characterised by clear lines and impresses with generous space alongside its elegant appearance.

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Jozef Kabaň, ŠKODA's Head of Design, and his team have opted for a striking design language for the ŠKODA Kodiaq, which transfers the brand's new design style into the SUV segment. Rationality and aesthetics work together unmistakably here. As the design sketch already shows, all lines are clear, precise and sharp; the highly recessed shoulder line highlights the large ŠKODA SUV's robust character. Flat, raked headlights are positioned on both sides of the wide ŠKODA grille. Their crystalline structure pays hommage to Czech crystal glass art, which is steeped in tradition.

The extensively sculptured rear section also accentuates the ŠKODA Kodiaq's sporty, robust SUV character. The LED rear lights are designed in the brand's typical C-shape, continuing the ŠKODA SUV design lines in great detail. The side view is equally as strong. The long wheelbase and short overhangs point to the spacious interior. The SUV is available with two extra seats in the third row as an optional extra.

With its clear design, the interior continues the striking design of the exterior. Even here, form and functionality stand together in unison: the interior comes across as protective and robust, but also impresses with an elegant character. The atmosphere is timeless and functional. All the features exude clarity and tranquillity.

Strong vertical elements, like the four large air vents, are characteristic of the interior. The large display splits the instrument panel into two equal sections for the driver and passenger. The front of the instrument panel is three-dimensional and divided into two areas. The door trims carry on this design approach. Finely cut, crystalline features add a special touch.

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Interview with Jozef Kabaň, ŠKODA's Head of Design: "ŠKODA is becoming much more emotive"

Mr Kabaň, what does the design of the ŠKODA Kodiaq mean for the brand?
Jozef Kabaň: The ŠKODA Kodiaq is a pioneer for our brand in two respects. We are entering a new segment with our first large SUV above the Yeti. And at the same time, the Kodiaq is the first model with the new ŠKODA SUV design language. It is powerful and emotive, but also timeless.

What is special about the design language of your large SUV?

Kabaň: The ŠKODA Kodiaq is extremely versatile. It is exceptionally spacious and with compact external dimensions, it delivers the best overall package in its class. It is also robust, suits all types of terrain and offers the best flexibility and functionality. We wanted to visualise this in the exterior design as well as the interior. Form and functionality are therefore in harmony in the ŠKODA Kodiaq. The crystalline and striking appearance also underlines the strength and character of the ŠKODA Kodiaq.

How does one combine design and functionality?

Kabaň: We aspire to combine the highest degree of aesthetics with maximum functionality in such a way that one no longer speaks of different criteria. We are searching for beauty in simplicity, without disregarding functionality or ergonomics. A good design makes functionality attractive. This balance of functionality and aesthetics makes our ŠKODA Kodiaq special.

What role does Czech crystal glass art play in this?

Kabaň: Every detail of our models tells a story, that is the emotive power of the brand. We were inspired by traditional Czech crystal glass art for the crystalline elements of the ŠKODA Kodiaq. The lines are clear, precise and sharply drawn. The distinctive interplay of light and shade on the strongly contoured surfaces is distinctive. The crystalline structure is also present in the details, such as the headlights or decorative trims.

You can see the creativity and great attention to detail that also went into designing the interior. What do you consider the most interesting design feature of the ŠKODA Kodiaq's interior?

Kabaň: We are carrying the exterior's wide, clear lines forward into the interior. And the emphasis here is on the harmony between form and functionality, on calm and clarity. For me, a car has to function perfectly and also radiate aesthetics. An interior should spark feelings of trust and well-being. From this philosophy, we have created an atmosphere that is also elegant, comfortable and functional at the same time.


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Surely these drawings are pre Vision S as the Kodiaq now exists and is not much like the drawings above.
They even admitted before the Kodiaq was a reality that the crystalline accents would not be on the production car as the rear info-screens, mobile 'phones, white diamond leather or the pop out door handles would not feature on the real thing either.
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