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Thomas asked me to post pics of my Petrol blue Yeti to help him decide on colour. For some reason they would not show as photographs on the PM so I am trying here. It might be of use to others as well.
Here you are. I have also included a Jungle green, just in case you are interested.
I think Petrol blue is the best colour out of the miserable choice we have been given
The only reason I went back to Jungle green (my previous Yeti) is because I don't like having the same colour twice running.
Just be aware , as you can see in the pics , that it is a real Jekyll & Hyde colour. In bright sun it looks fantastic but in dingy weather it goes almost black. You can see this by looking at the darker areas where the sun is not hitting it directly.
I also had a Cappuccino Fabia estate. I considered it for the Kodiaq and although I like it on a smaller car, I felt a tank like the Kodiaq might look a bit insignificant.
Hope this helps.
Good luck.
Petrol on a bright day

Jungle on a dull day.

Jungle on a bright day

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jungle green looks nice ,better in the sun too i think ,nice in the kodiaq as well as the yeti ive already looked out the polish for it .used Poorboys blackhole glaze ,no snickering in the back now lol,gives a great depth of colour and easy to use or ive got collinite marque de elegance show polish ,harder to put on but again great depth and lasts for ages .better than the autoglym for depth of colour .ive spent a fortune over the years and on forums experimenting with different types.
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