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Hi All

Had an interesting time taking apart the lower dash to wire in the reverse camera but done that successfully now (especially as the instructions helpfully said to put the pins in the wrong colour connector in the quad lock.

I have added the camera in the installation list in module 19 (gateway) and adaptations done for infotainment and parking modules.

The camera module 6C is recognised and shows in the list but has the following faults which I cant resolve... any thoughts?

From OBDEleven...

6C Camera System Rear View
System description: RVC Compact
Software number: 5Q0980556B
Software version: 0231
Hardware number: 5Q0980556B
Hardware version: H12
ODX version: 006009
Long coding: 0000000000000000000000
Trouble codes:
B201300 - No band end programming occurs
B201000 - No basic setting

So 3 problems:

1) Clearly long coding shouldn't be all 0's
2) No basic settings are present
3) No calibration is present

Annoyingly all 3 of these do not allow me to save any changes just eroring if I try and save it.

Any thoughts?

Maybe if someone could let me have the long coding details from their kodiaq RVC I could try and update again.


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