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I currently own a MK3 Superb L&K and SWMBO has a F/L Yeti L&K, we are considering changing the Yeti for a Kodiaq,
we went along to our local VIP event on Friday and we were both suitably impressed, despite initially thinking it would be too big (it's actually not as long as my Superb).

I have specced up a couple of Kodiaq's 190 TDi and a 180 TSi) but at the moment it looks like we will wait for a MY18 car for a few reasons:

1/ Not overly impressed with the top of the range 'Edition' spec as basic items which are std on the current L&K models are now an option (heated rear seats, heated windscreen, virtual pedal etc)

2/ No deals are to be had at the moment via any brokers (carwow etc) and I have heard some dealers are not prepared to use their limited quota to supply their cars via PCH etc (never bought a car on PCP / PCH but I will look into the PCH route)

3/ Due to the lack of spec a SportLine may be the better option for us?

P.S. Some of you may recognise my username as I use it on several VAG forums.
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