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Hi All,

Been lurking on the board for a few weeks - it has been very useful in helping me decide what to order so thank you all for your help so far!

We have pulled the trigger and ordered our Kodiaq 1.4 TSI, in Petrol Blue w/ Triglavs (full specs in signature :D). Early indication from Skoda, looking at Nov 20th for delivery :shock:

We've been in a Mk8 Honda Civic 2.2 Diesel for 4 years now - going into this process of buying a new motor I was fairly confident that I would be in another Civc and we really only went to Skoda to look at the Octavia, expecting that I'd be ruling it out to be honest. However, both my wife and I were immediately drawn to the Kodiaq on the forecourt. They are two very different cars, but it really did come down to a coin flip between the Civic and the Kodiaq, and the premium feel of the Skoda finally swung it. (Not to mention that we also managed to negotiate a very favourable deal with the Skoda guys :lol:)

Can't wait to get my hand on the Kodiaq, going to be a long wait! In the meantime, I'm enjoying reading all your experiences and feedback from those already in theirs!!

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