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Just a few observations over the first few days…

So, my history. Bit of a geek and love tech. Was last driving a 2015 Jeep Cherokee Limited with most options so I had active cruise, lane assistant, auto parking, auto braking, vented seats and so on. Also owned a number of brands including VW, Volvo, BMW and Mercedes in the past.

I'm not afraid to drive something different and Skoda is certainly seen to be a bit "individual". Also I may not be seen to be ostentatious in the way that I would have looked if I had got a Mercedes GLC (probably my second choice but the lack of spare wheel and a presence of a few glitches like scrubbing tyres didn't inspire me given the price premium).

Anyway, onto the car. Well, its nice to drive. Enough power for me these days and the transmission is smooth. Really didn't need the 7 seats but they may get used from time to time. 6ft teenager in the back seat made having space back there a good idea nevertheless.

Certainly, for the size of the car, there is a lot of room. Plenty of hidden storage. I don't think I have ever had a car which you could actually hide the cargo cover under the floor before.

Memory Seats - Had cars with electric memory seats before but none with selectable memory on the passenger seat !

Lane Keeping Assistant - Jeep had this but in varying "strengths" of assistance - only one in the Skoda. It seems quite subtle and you can barely tell it is operational IMHO.

Active Cruise - quite like the stalk instead of the usual wheel buttons. Still getting used to the way that systems show they are activated though. My Jeep had small icons to show what was being detected on the lane keeping and with the active cruise. The Skoda requires setting the MFI to show the driver assist screen - otherwise you can only see what is happening with some very slight icon changes. May be fixed with some extra screen real estate available with the Digital Display ? If active, then you can't see the odometer ?

Slightly strange that if you override the ACC, the display slightly dims. You'd think they would change it to red or something instead of greying it out. The change is really barely visible.

The MFI is a large screen - big enough to show more than one statistic at once - like distance to empty and current economy - or all economy statistics together ? Be nice to be able to reconfigure. There is also one line with the external temperature on - they could have moved that to one side and added in the kms to empty on the other side for example.

DAB Radio - Pity no stations where I live but the sound was great while I could use it !

DCC - You can definitely tell the difference between comfort, normal and sport. I can't understand a forum posting somewhere when they said you couldn't.

In fact you can tell the differences in the drive modes too - Eco, you get coasting and so on. Fun to play around with.

Sleep pack - nice blankets ! Those headrests also get a thumbs up from anyone who has tried them.

Lots of settings you can change throughout the interface - very customisable indeed.

My partner loves the "folding mirrors on locking" - had those on the Volvo. Thank goodness - no more of that "did you lock the car ?" that I missed out on for a few years !

No problem with the hands free tailgate activation - much higher success than some horror stories. Seems to work the majority of time for me.

Auto handbrake - can be a bit severe with disengaging IMHO.

Parking sensors - front activates automatically without manually using button, like the Jeep unlike the Yeti loaner.

The car supposedly has auto rear braking but it doesn't slam them on almost every time I reverse out of my garage the way the Jeep used to (thank goodness !).

360 degree parking cameras are cool - hate to be looking at the distorted 3D view after a few drinks though.

Door protector - My RHF sticks - which of course is the main one that matters. Not the first one I have read about and won't be the last. They seem a bit fragile by their nature.

The main centre screen is nice quality/resolution. Bit of a fingerprint magnet though. The screen also gets quite warm to the touch.

Strange that there is no light in the upper glovebox ?

Used the vented seats today - had them in the Jeep and a Volvo before that. I won't order a new car without them now. One thing the Jeep had was to turn them on automatically when the car got hot and turned the heating on when it got cold. (you could turn it off also if you didn't think it was a good idea for some reason). Oh well. Unlike the Jeep you can have heating and cooling at the same time like the Volvo - the manual for that said to use the setting if you got in with wet clothes !

Fuel economy - pretty good so far - averaging about 8l/100kms but too soon to confirm !

Cool that the reverse camera has a spray that activates when you use the rear wiper washer.

I think with its background, the speedometer is easier to read at night than during the day. Not a great fan of the white background but I can adapt. Maybe someone wants to retrofit the digital display one day for me !

Loads of little "surprise and delight" features like the velcro dividers for the cargo floor, and the way that you can actually hide that cargo blind.

So, some very minor annoyances that will probably be forgotten over time but only noted now. Certainly quite happy with my choice so far.
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