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So having decided to consider a replacement for my black 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe (gorgeous car), I had a look around with 2 main thoughts:

a) I wanted something other than a Hyundai, having had 2-in-a-row

b) To look at leasing since I've always bought on finance but always trade-in before the deal is finished

I saw an advert on Facebook from a dealer for an Octavia Scout on a lease deal which I followed up with an enquiry, but decided not to pursue as I didn't think the car was right for me. However I requested a price for "a Kodiaq" fully expecting it to be beyond what I wanted to pay.

Surprisingly, the figures returned back (including the upfront payment) were less over the 2 years of the lease than what I would continue to pay to close off my Hyundai finance deal. The vehicle in question was a manual SE Technology 4x4 and having then reviewed the emailed brochure I reckoned this was the ideal spec for me since I'd only be leasing the car and don't need 7 seats.

The good thing for me at this point was that the dealer was extremely responsive by email and never once pressured me into having to call or visit them (which was ideal since I'm in Scotland and they are in the North West of England). I purchased my Santa Fe via email back in 2013 and vowed never to deal face-to-face again.

The other thing that pleased me was that I requested a price from them to purchase my Santa Fe, so that I could "swap it" when the Kodiaq was available, and I was happy with the price they offered although they never committed to holding the price until delivery time. I know that I could get a bit more by selling it privately but the convenience of a trade-in is valuable to me.

I then decided to email a couple of local Skoda dealers here in Scotland to see if they would match the deal that I had been offered by the dealer down South ... having (ahem) lowered the figures that I was actually quoted ;)

One was immediately responsive by email but despite a few emails back & forward they wouldn't match the figures I had provided - albeit that their cost was exactly the same as the real quote I had. They also confirmed that they would only value my Santa Fe at delivery time (and somewhat ludicrously suggested the P/X price might go UP which made me smile!)

Another dealer was Arnold Clark who were utterly useless by only sending standard template emails saying I needed to get in touch by phone. I vowed many years ago never to buy for them again having done do for many years on the assumption that their awful sales process was the norm. It beats me how anyone could ever bear to buy from them, and their interaction to my enquiry proved (in my mind) how hopeless they really are.

The 3rd & final dealer got in touch via email (again, no pressure to call) and said that not only would they match my quote (the artificially lowered one) but would offer the same P/X value for my Santa Fe *and* hold it until it the Kodiaq was ready. All they asked was that I go visit the dealership so that they could view the car in person. Again I arranged this by email, and duly travelled an hour to the dealer this morning.

We talked through the lease figures, and confirmed what I would pay if I added a couple of extras, a quick credit check was followed by a 2-minute visual inspection of my Santa Fe and the deal was done! In & out in 30 minutes.

So I've gone with a manual SE Technology 4x4 in Cappucino Beige and with the lower monthly costs agreed, I've bumped it back up to the original/real quote by adding KESSY GO, heated front seats and a spare tyre.

Now I'm just waiting for my order to go through this week, to be followed by my build week being advised ... can't wait! :)

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Well negotiated!!
We, especially those ordering on any deal other than cash, will be most interested to hear when you get a code 10 and even more so a code 20.
Good luck, fingers crossed.
Gosh, am I glad I'm paying cash, all this faffing about with build dates and no VIP upgrade on credit purchases. :roll:
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