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I have a few issues where all three systems are set to be on but none are working but it's not showing any faults, this is affecting the following systems: Lane Assist, Light Assist and Front Assist.

As theses system rely upon the camera and radar systems does anyone know what the issue could be, no guessing please as it doesn't help. Additionally the car is telling me that lane assist is deactivated although it's ticked to be on, I can't turn it off anyway as when I do it automically turns itself back on, ironically lane guidance is turned off and when I turn it on it automatically turns itself off.

So the air will not go between low and high beam automatically, nor will it detect road markings (lines etc.) and nor does it detect cars too close in front as it used to. Does anyone know is lane assist and light assist also uses the radar and not just the optics from the camera as Skoda DriverLine suggested it does and that a 'none reading' onthe radar doesn't always register as a fault on the system

As these are routed via the same fuse I have checked that although a blown fuse should have shown as a fault.

Before anyone says anything the sensor and the camera pod are clean with nothing obstructing them.

This I guess is a warranty claim.
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