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Hello to everyone. I have one question about ilumination or touch buttons on my infotainment Amundsen. While car is power on everything is iluminated. But when kodiak is of and I am in car and it is night or dark weather I do not see where are tuchu buttnos on left and right side of screen. I always have to figure it out wher are controls button. Is there any way to setup that so the touch buttons always glow while the infotainment is power on.
Everything is ok while I am driveing and stop on parking. Kodiak is power on and infotainment is iluminated. When I power of kodiaq still is ok, but if someone open door, amundsen is going to power of. That is ok. Now I can power on Amundsen and it is working normaly but ilumination of toch buttons is of and I do not know wher is what.
Is it posible to setup so it always glowe when Amundsen is power on, no matter is car off or on.
My light setup is always on AUTO.

Thx !
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