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I was following this forum for few months, now I decided to join.
I come from Slovenia, and by mail already know user romanv , as we shared our experience after ordering kodiaq.

Actually I got mine very quick, from mid of February order till end of June delivery, that is only 4 and

I got 110 kw DSG, 2wd, Style (top one in Slovenia) model, in Business gray, with addition of Panoramic roof, Alcantara Beige seats, 5 seater, several assists,

After 1 month I am very happy with the car. It is my first automatic and this is probably the best feature in the car.
The second one is just general relaxed and easy feeling . Also the bright light with Panormic roof is an extra.
And the Automatic cruise control is superb, especially in slow traffic or traffic jams!
And there is alot of space in the back .

I ve done 2500 km and the driving was rather careful in this early phase. But the consumption is great, 5,4 by computer
which means probably 52 miles / gallon (UK).

About the faults ? Yes there is some squaky noise when touching door handles, but hardyl noticed. The sound of normal radio
(without Canton) is good, It just lacks some power. I expected that but I decided against Canton in order to get more boot space.

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