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Hi Kodiaqforums!

After traversing several Kodiaq forums the last few weeks (mostly here), and reading / watching a lot of reviews, I figured I should sign up and join!

Reading about what other people know and find out about the car has been very helpful. Also talking to a local dealer and test driving two of their Kodiaqs eventually made me decide on a spec and actually place an order last Thursday (May 4th).

Style trim in Norway comes with a healthy dose of goodies included (with our taxes, they should have included them all!), but some extras have to be ordered in addition. I ended up with Style plus the following extras:

  • Quartz grey, 5-seat, 2.0 TSI 4x4 DSG (I come from a VAG 1.8T and like the rev range of the petrol)
  • Webasto parking heater (coldish and snowy winters up here)
  • Heated windshield (ditto)
  • Heated steering wheel with shifters (I really just wanted the shifters)
  • Leather upholstery (I thought easier to clean than alcantara if the little guy in the back pollutes)
  • All the parking perks (I thought if it helps avoid just one unlucky scratch, it will pay off. Besides my better half is about to get her drivers license..)
  • Columbus (although Norwegian, I chose Columbus for the 9.2" screen instead of Amundsen :) )
  • Children's pack (rear roller blinds and el-locks to care for the little guy)
  • Canton (used to aftermarket amp + sub, hoping this will help me ditch the need for that)
  • Tow bar (never really had the need, but when you need it you'll miss it I thought)
  • Sports pedals (they look better, that's it I guess)
  • Partition net screen (added safety)
  • Alarm (at least it makes me feel better)
  • Elbrus during winter, anthracite Trinity during summer (I liked the rather firm non-DCC ride on 18", unsure how 19" would feel)

BW is yet to be confirmed, but I'd be surprised if I have the car before October. Definitely looking forward to it!
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