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Just purchased my first used Kodiaq, it's the Sportline 4x4 TDI 190PS DSG model which I thought would be the best vehicle for towing our new caravan when its delivered, hopefully sometime during June 2022. We have had 5 x Fabia's in the family over the past 10 years and have just taken delivery today of a new Phoenix Orange Fabia 95PS, the colour edition with a black roof, so I had no hesitation in purchasing a used Kodiaq, I just think the Skoda's are absolutely fabulous cars, reliable and are are a great driving experience.
My main reason for joining the forum today is to source as much information I can on the Kodiaq, I attempted to find a suitable car with a factory tow bar, but was unsuccessful so ended up with a vehicle with an aftermarket fitted tow bar, my main concern is to find out if the electrics installed are of the factory type rather than the universal type,
I obviously don't need loads of issues with some of the Kodiaq's electrics once the caravan has arrived, hopefully I will be able to find this out over the next few days and to see if the car ecu has been updated for towing and all is well. The next project may be painting the brake calipers and obtaining some new brake discs and pads as they look as though they will need changing in the not too distant future, I will also attempt to obtain a spare wheel for this car with the tools as I currently have a can of goo and an air compressor which does concern me if I get a puncture.
The car has done 34k at the moment with a full Skoda service history, I expect to drive around 6k miles per year as it was purchased mainly for towing the caravan and local business trips whilst the wife is at work in the Fabia.
Hopefully, once I have sourced the information for the tow bar, done the brakes and found a spare wheel, the car will be complete and raring to go on our first adventure.
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