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After many years of Landrover ownership I’ve decided to jump ship to Skoda. I had 2 fantastic Freelanders and for the last 3 years a Discovery Sport, which is a fine car to drive but has so many things that niggle me I decided to try elsewhere..
Went to the Skoda dealer in Perth last Thursday and fell in love with a new Kodiaq sitting on the forecourt, but was told there was at least a 6 month waiting time for a new one. But the very helpful salesperson said he would check if there was anything available. He went through a couple of options then found a 2.0TDI 150 SEL in black with full winter pack and electric deployable tow bar. Could get delivery in 3 weeks, so 30 minutes later I came away with just the car I wanted. It’s only 2 wheel drive but TBH never really used the 4*4 on my Landrovers so was more than happy:)
Then On Friday the salesperson phoned me to say he had good news…car would be delivered today, 5 days after ordering- that must be one of the quickest deliveries ever.
To top it all off I got a fantastic price on my Discovery sport - second hand car prices just now are just unbelievable, mine had gone up £3k in the last 3 months.

So just driven down from Perth to Fife and Wow! What a fantastic car this is, one happy bunny!
And everything just works, it’s smooth, quiet, powerful enough and just makes me smile(like my Freelanders use to do)

sorry for all these people waiting months and months but obviously there are Kodiaqs about if you shop around and you’re prepared to be flexible with model and colour. You never know you might just get lucky!
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