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We went to the VIP launch of the Kodiaq and loved the car straight away, however SWMBO was concerned that it would be a little too big as a replacement for her Yeti L&K (facelift), so she really wanted to dislike the car.

We eventually got the keys after waiting 45 mins (not a good start) and I was all for getting up and walking away, literarily just before I got up the salesman finally came over to us in the waiting area :oops:

So after the obligatory driving licence details were exchanged we got the keys to a Quartz Grey Edition fitted with a 190 TDi, 4x4 and 7 speed DSG with black leather, this car was apparently 'fully loaded' and with a book price of around £42K (according to the salesman...)

A tongue in cheek photo of a pair of Kodiaqs parked together:

The spec:

Kodiaq 190 TDi registered March 31st (£35,360 RRP)
DSG (7 speed)
Black leather
19" Triglav wheels
Crew protectant assist (£200)
Rear side airbags (£295)
Electrically folding tow bar with adaptor (£850)
Virtual pedal (£175)
Personalisation of drive mode selection (£40)
Remote folding of rear seats (£90)
Tablet holder (x2) for rear of front seats (£50)
Textile floor mats (£80)
Mythos gloss black decorative insert (£125)
Area view with trailer assist and front and rear parking sensors (£1,300)
Ambient lighting (£190)
Sun visors with mirror, illuminated (£10)
Tri-zone climate control (£300)
Space saver spare wheel (7-seater) (£100)
Canton sound system (£400)

= £37,295... not quite the £42k car we were told it was :roll:

Items not specced: (thought this was meant to be 'fully loaded'... (bits in red are a 'must have for me')

Driver alert system (£45)
Travel Assist (£85)
Electric child safety lock with rear window roller blinds (£175)
Dynamic chassis control including drive mode selection and off-road function (£980)
Folding table on front seat backrests (£125)
Heated washer nozzles for front windscreen (£35)
ISOFIX on front passenger seat (£40)
Partition net screen (£150)
Rough road package (£295)
Smokers package (£30)
Door and side trim panel in leather with waste bin (£25)
Heated leather Multi-function steering wheel with paddles (£245)
Aluminium pedals (£100)
Heated front and rear seats (£200) - only the fronts are heated
Ventilated front seats (£625)
Adaptive cruise control (£300)
Heated windscreen (£300)
Panoramic sunroof (£1,150)
Park assist, trailer assist and area view camera (£1,950)
Media command (£85) - pretty sure this is not there

I am not now convinced the Kodiaq is the flagship model, don't get me wrong it is good but it is not quite up there with the Superb with regards to kit available or build quality, despite costing approx £5k more for an equivalent model.

"How dare you" I can hear you say... well for instance:

Soft touch plastics on the front doors but not the rear doors
Leather feels quite course (this maybe down to the fact my Superb is ventilated??)
Disappointed to see the ambient lighting does not extend to the dash and the door handles and air vents are not illuminated
ACC should be std IMO
No adaptive lighting?
No battery cover (top)

The bits I am impressed with are:
LED headlights, very impressive
Area view, this to me is a must have

Area view additional cameras under the mirrors:

and on the front radar cover:

Ride quality... but I would still spec DCC
Memory seat for driver AND passenger

Some bits where the quality was quite poor:

Chrome trim around windows all marked badly with white corrosion spots, the dealer assured me these were on back order, but this should not really be happening!

Interior door handles creak quite bad
Plastic trims on the bottom of the doors are easy to catch with your feet when getting out in a tight parking bay, this just requires a different approach though to overcome it.

Steering had grinding noise at low speed

Overall we were very impressed with the car and despite SWMBO wanting to hate the car... she really like it and the way it drives AND feels it is NOT too big! (to drive) ... it is still a BIG car but the area view certainly helps with parking and manoeuvring in tight areas - something she did a fair bit of yesterday just to try it out.

We are still going to wait for 'the right' trim level to come out for us, that will be a SportLine or L&K (to hopefully get the car under £40k) but it certainly is right at the top of the list.

Fuel economy we saw just under 44 mpg showing on the infotainment screen (or should that be called the 'fingerprint magnet') for a 60 mile run covering A roads, town centre X2 and a 35 mile motorway run set to 70 mph on CC.
The return motorway at 'just under legal speed limit + VAT' showed 38 mpg, this included getting up to speed ASAP!

The engine whilst perfectly adequate is not going to set any records, so 'it would do the job' without issue but is certainly not as nippy as our Yeti (170)

Hope you do not see this as a negative report, just trying to be an impartial and objective review of the good and not so good points of the Kodiaq.
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