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I am hoping someone can help here…

I purchased a 2018 DSG TDI Sportline 4x4 7 Seat Kodiaq from my local dealer 3 weeks ago and in all honesty I have had so many issue with it!

it all started the day AFTER I collected the car, I was travelling at around 40mph on a straight and VERY clear road when out of nowhere (and with no warning) the car emergency braked on its own!

There was nothing on the road, no cars, objects or people and thankfully nobody behind me!

I called the dealer and got them to look at it and apparently there’s ‘no fault’?

This coupled with:

Apple Car play intermittently working

Faulty drivers side window

Volume Control on the steering wheel intermittently working

Keyless entry intermittently working

and knocking from the passenger front suspension

Has really made me loose confidence in the car.

It’s been back to the dealer 4 times in the three weeks I have owned it and I wrote to them on Friday stating I wish to use my ‘short term right to reject’ the vehicle due to the very random and in my option extremely dangerous random Emergency Braking (with I am assuming is part of Front Assist), the dealer have refused and are only offering me an exchange to another vehicle.

It absolutely blows my mind that they cannot see how this issue doesn’t qualify the car as ‘unfit for purpose’ or of ‘unsatisfactory quality’

I am at a total loss of what to do?

They wanted me to go out with a technician for the second time to try to make it fault (as the issue is so intermittent and I frankly have no idea when it will happen) this hasn’t been possible?

Can anyone offer me some advice as to what the hell I do next?!

I am at my wits end!

2019 Kodiaq sportline. TDI 150 4X4 DSG
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Sounds like a bit of a nightmare!

Is it a skoda approved used? Did you take finance?

If so, another option to add pressure ontobthr dealer is to write a complaint to the finance team.

The kodiaq is a great car (and I've owned 2018 golf gti, 2021 audi rsq3 recently)

I'd make a list of all the faults, and push for skoda dealer to put faults right. Getting finance on side will help add pressure.

The front assist auto breaking issue sounds really bad. It could be an ecu issue or the sensor. Is there any signs of front end damage that could have damaged the sensor? My gold sometimes hit the auto break for no reason but didn't happen often. I think I could disable it on the infotainment system as I didn't really like it anyway. Not saying don't try and get it foxed though!

Apple car play issue could be issue with your phone or cable, try a new apple cable. Also try cleaning the USB port with compressed air.

I had issues with the wiper stalk on my 2018 kodiaq. Wipers randomly engaged. I had to take wheel off and clean the connections. You could have similar issue with thr volume, again push skoda to dismantle the steering wheel and clean it all-out as it could be a similar issue.

Suspension knocking, they need to inspect all the ball joints, springs and dampers for play, again they should be able to see anything untoward. And your easily replicate the clunk/knock?

Keyless system, have you replaced the battery in the fob?

Just listing some simple things to try as it could be something alright forward for some of the issues.

Let us know how you get on.

Appols for typos, typing on phone
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