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Went to Meadens yesterday and had the software update done. Service Manager had a list of things that the upgrade covers and it has nothing to do with Skoda Connect buttons malfunctioning.

My Executive Office 'chum' contacted me regarding the dipping on reverse of the N/S door mirror and the rain auto~closing of the sun roof.
Dipping mirror. She had checked both with SUK technical.

Capability is NOT present on at least the SE L and may be others, she only advised re my car.

Auto close of sun roof in rain. This feature IS FITTED and works through the rain/light sensor on the back of the central mirror. If you do not have rain sensing wipers then, obviously it won't work.

Dealer managed to get the car connected to the internet (which is required even on a temporary basis ti get the 3 call buttons to work) 999 button appears to have locked in satisfactorily, but obviously I can't try it. I also downloaded the 'app'.

I have tried contacting Customer service more than once and it tells me it is attempting to make contact , the screen switches to that message and a green travelling (loading) line light up beneath the 'i' symbol. then the screen changes to 'Disconnecting call.'
I have emailed the dealer with the pictures and my lass than polite comments about the system. I am not blaming the dealer in any way. I just think the system is [email protected]
He tried for 30 minutes but it turns out to be to no avail.

I have had an 'on line chat' with the Skoda Connect web site ....
Their final comment is below.
I am singularly UNIMPRESSED that having spent north of £30k on the car the systems seem to be rubbish.
I will update the progress of this farce as and when & IF it happens!
P'd off of Poole!
Colin, I am going to log your issues regarding connectivity. This will be sent to our connectivity specialists and they will then contact you to help resolve this situation. I may need to ask you a few more questions to help me complete the form, is that ok with you?
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