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HI Guys
Today when I drove the sign " ACC IMPAIRED " came on on my dashboard.
Also after I stopped driving, the car smelt like something was burning.
Does anyone have any ideas what it might be and how it can be fixed?


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Burning smell will probably be the DPf doing a regen, if it doesn't do it on a long journey you will hear the engine fans going and smell burning as it going through the cycle.

On my Audi prior to the Skoda I had lots of similar messages for the ACC, the most obvious is dirt blocking the sensor.

I just had an issue with the GPS antenna on the Audi that caused a similar issue, as it had GPS assisted ACC this also broke when the GPS antenna went. This was obvious though as the SatNav thought it was in the English Channel 馃檪

Other people in the Audi forums have had the sensor replaced due to dodgy wiring. The ACC message would pop up randomly

It's probably the same sensor and software.

It may or may not be similar but I thought I would chime in as I've had experience of it.

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Check !!!

The sensor function may be impaired in the events of one of the following:
1. The sensor is covered by mud, snow or debris, for example.
2. The sensor or its immediate surroundings are covered by other objects, for example, a sticker is attached.
3. When visibility is poor, (e.g. fog, heavy rain, thick snowfall).

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I had this in my first few days but it hasn't come back since in 6 weeks and 2k miles
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